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Simple Ritual

Freda & Wolf

Simple Ritual

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daily skincare practice is critical for having glowing and radiant skin, but this doesn't require a huge complicated effort. It can be a simple 2 step process starting with cleansing, followed by moisturizing. In fact, this is Freda & Wolf's founder, Hilde Schirmer's daily morning ritual.

Step 1: Clarifying Cleanser

Step 2: Glow Serum

The Clarifying cleanser is light, foamy, refreshing, non-drying and skin softening. It's a unique products with six, hypo-allergenic ECOCERT approved ingredients for a clean, toxin-free cleansing experience.

The Glow Serum provides a light, non-greasy all day glowing hydration that prevents acne outbreaks and leaves skin feeling like silk.


"Cultivating mindfulness around self care ritual enhances beauty and connects us to our higher selves. Self care deepens self love and self love generates more love that we can give to others. When I start my morning by drawing awareness to my root and throat chakras, I notice an enhanced feeling of trust and being grounded in my body and an ability to fearlessly speak my truth. This helps others feel connected to me and when I feel that connection with people through my heart and my higher self, I feel beautiful." - Hilde

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