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Holistic Alignment Mastermind (Monthly)

Freda & Wolf

Holistic Alignment Mastermind (Monthly)


Become EMPOWERED. HEAL your body. ELEVATE your frequency. AWAKEN to your light body. UNIFY your mind, body and spirit. 

In this 3 month mastermind you can evolve rapidly, coming into holistic alignment and right relationship with your highest purpose. This program integrates holistic health coaching, ETR, chakra balancing, breath work, meditation, visualization, functional medicine and nutrition. If in person added bonus of bodywork, acupuncture and hands on healing.


* Diet program that we custom tailor to you (and seasonally appropriate.) This includes meal ideas, nutrient packed goals, hacks and nourishment rituals.


* E.T.R – Energy Transfer Reset. This is where we cut soul contracts and liberate you as a sovereign being of Source Light Energy!


* Functional Medicine DNA health test OR other advanced functional medicine testing to get to root of health issues and determine what can be down regulated or up regulated.

* Weekly 30 minute phone check in. Evaluate breakthroughs, opportunities, affirmations, nutritional program progress and gratitudes

* Weekly 90 minute in person session OR via zoom. We can alter what we do week by week. 

*You will get specific to your needs, supplements and skincare/healing herbal products, factored into the monthly price. I will put together a bundle of supplements that will specifically address your health needs, in order to optimize organ function. This will likely evolve throughout our collaboration, while sticking to a few staples.

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