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Testimonials: Skin & Hair



"I definitely feel better overall when I consistently drink the tonic. After 6 weeks I noticed major improvements in my health. My migraines reduced in severity, my mood improved, my energy increased and my menstrual cycle got much easier. My historically thin hair is thicker, longer and I have much more volume. Even my skin looks healthier."

- Nichole,MD

 "Talk about glowing skin! The name 'Glow Serum' is the perfect name for this floral smelling product. I have combination skin with a tendency towards dryness. I find that 4 drops on my face, neck and chest, each morning, provides the perfect amount of hydration with all day glow. My complexion has never been so glowing and healthy. As a mom I don't have much time to tend me me.This product makes me look like I have regular spa facials. The ingredients are AMAZING and so clean. This has replaced the La Mer and La Prairie I used to use, with a fraction of the price and zero toxins!"


"My 70 year old skin is stronger, firmer, incredibly soft and my neck is even tightening up. I've been using the Face Oil for 2 months every morning and night and my skin has never looked so good!"

- Katherine, MD

 "I absolutely LOVE the women's tonic!! Not only has it helped my hair (growth and shine) but it also gives me a boost of energy! Thank you for making this magical elixir! Excellent product, I highly recommend!!"

- Brookelyn, CO

"I LOVE the Oil and Mud combo! It has changed my skin! It looks and feels smooth, clear and even my pores are smaller. I'm hooked!"

- Lisa, OR

"My hair is not falling out anymore, is significantly thicker and overall looks much healthier. The results were noticeable after 2 months! I'm on month 14 of the women's tonic now. At my age, I didn't think I could have nice hair again! I take it daily and FEEL the difference in my energy and mood a well."

-Moira, MD

"Both my daughter and I use the Tonic and within 8 weeks we noticed new baby hairs come in and our hair is thicker and longer after just a few months! It's incredible to know that is is genuinely a holistic, energy boosting addition to my beauty regimen that helps the whole of my body, not just my hair!"

- Abigail, VA

"I'm a skincare junkie and only use toxin free products. I feel a though I've tried most "natural" brands but nothing worked like the serum, face oil, body oil and the exfoliating mud. I'm anxiously awaiting the cleansers to come out! There aren't even emojis to describe my relief, my appreciation and my love for this skincare line!"

- Jenn, CA

"I'm 81 and my hair has always been fine and floppy. Now, after 1 month, it is certainly silkier. I feel so very well, also and my aches seem to be reduced. I'm definitely going to continue taking the tonic."

- Freda, United Kingdom

"This tonic is incredibly easy to drink down and tastes a bit like celery to me. This is my second month and did not buy it for hair growth actually . . . what caught my eye about the product was that it has so many beneficial herbs in it that support your immune system. What I have experienced so far, is mental sharpness and alertness and my menstrual cycle is SO much easier! I am super thankful to have super thick head of hair and lots of it, and this product supports the ongoing growth of my hair. I highly recommend APEX HAIR TONIC to anyone who is looking to strengthen their body from the inside out."

  - Anne, MD

"I was skeptical after having tried a few other hair growth products that were super expensive and I didn't see results after a few months. But within 6 weeks of drinking this tonic daily, I saw that my hair was fuller, had more volume and baby hairs were coming in! My PMS was gone also which blew my mind! I have more energy and my nails are thicker than ever. This stuff is uncredible! Tastes like celery juice but you get used to it."

-Liz, CO




"This hair tonic works! I’ve noticed hair growth around my forehead and my hair looks fuller and healthier. I’m recommending to all my friends who are complaining about thinning hair."

- Marina, NY

"I took a 3 month round of tonic over a year ago to help w/ growing my hair out. Took a break for a bit and then took another 4 month round of it. I helped to thicken my thinning hair and regrow baby hairs around my temples where it had started to thin 8 years prior during pregnancy. I also noticed that it improved the quality of my existing hair. I have very thin, frizzy hair by nature and it was made more manageable. I plan to do another 6 month round very soon to enjoy more benefits of the tonic. Most recently a new hair dresser noticed all the baby hairs and became interested in the tonic as well b/c she said she's never seen that much growth w/ other things like rogaine. :) "

- Jamie, NC

"OMG the body oil! Nothing compares. I love it. My skin feels so nourished. My skin even appears to be tighter and I have only used it every other day for 2 weeks and it looks like my cellulite on my legs is significantly less. My arms even seem firmer. I can't believe it!"

- Anna, NY

"I started having hair loss and within 3 months of consuming Total Alignment tonic, I started noticing more fullness. In the first year, I had noticeable hair growth and my hair felt and looked voluminous. My skin also looked better as I continued to take the tonic. I've been using it for just about 3 years now and notice a difference when I stop. My menstrual symptoms are significantly reduced when I take the tonic consistently as well. I'm hooked and love this tonic!"

- Shelley, CA

"I just noticed over a period of a few months of use that my thinning hair started to thicken and started to grow in places it had ceased to grow in anymore. It is very convenient and to me even tastes good. I think this herbal product is the way to go for sure. Highly recommend it and let's not forget the best part. It's organic!!!!"

- Alison, MO

"Overall, totally thrilled with the hair tonic product. Haven't been able to find anything on the market that delivers results this quickly!"

- Darin, Costa Rica

"I'm OBSESSED with the Glow serum. It has changed my skin and I love it so so much. My sister and my mother use it as well now and they LOVE it too!"

-Heather, MD

"My nails have become thicker and stronger. I haven't changed anything in the last two weeks, so it must be the women's tonic!"

- Courtenay, MD