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"Freda & Wolf products are intended to positively empower and inspire self care ritual within anyone seeking toxin-free, high vibrational and plant-based products. As a herbalist using nature's medicine cabinet to enhance natural beauty and optimize health from within, makes perfect sense to me. Plants are potent healers and nature has a solution to every health concern. My favorite aspect of these products are that they are genuinely holistic through the integration of chakras, affirmations, essential oils and healing botanical ingredients." 

- Hilde Schirmer LAc., M.T.O.M., Dipl.OM., CEO and Founder of Freda & Wolf


In 2010, when I was pregnant and no longer wanted to put luxury toxins on my skin, in my body or my home, I combined my wisdom of Holistic Medicine, with my passion for plants and my romance with skincare products. The skincare journey started with me formulating products in my home in Baltimore County, MD which eventually led to multiple trips to Scottsdale, AZ in collaboration with a chemistry lab I thought I'd work with long term but 7 years later I realized, if you want see your vision through, you have to do it yourself

In October of 2017 I created the life enhancing Freda & Wolf skincare line; game changers in the skincare industry. Freda & Wolf's journey is a testament to the fact that "it takes the time it takes" and that maintaining unwavering integrity yields the best results.

While undergoing my 4 years Master's in Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA, I interned under the master herbalist Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs and spent weekends studying under Chinese herbal guru Dr. Zhang and Dr. Kim, I learned a LOT about herbs and developed a personal relationship with them.I started making herbal tinctures, teas and formulas in my kitchen in 2006. And so the herbal journey began....

The Women's Tonic was created after the birth of my daughter, when I experienced post partum depression, anemia, hair loss and exhaustion. It was an incredibly challenging time for me as well as for my spouse. He was also going through hormonal changes as he was 43 and his body was responding to my hormonal changes. Both of us were losing hair, which was the last straw! (Vanity can be a powerful motivator:)

Together we pooled our resources, our knowledge of herbal medicine and created the first version of the Women's and Men's Hair Tonic. We cooked up the herbs and drank them daily. Within 2 weeks hair loss had ceased, my post partum depression was lifting, my energy was returning and my blood deficiency symptoms were disappearing. After 6 weeks my hair was thicker, growing faster, my skin was more vibrant and I felt like a functional new mom.

My hope it to support women, mothers, stay at home moms, busy men, dad's and entrepreneurs, so that they can feel positively empowered, radiant and healthy! Afterall, when we feel filled with light and love, that's what we emanate that into the world!


With Infinite Love & Gratitude,