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Golden Glow Trio

Freda & Wolf

Golden Glow Trio

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Get the natural glow of hydrated skin that maintains a healthy microbiome. By cleansing with oils, your skin doesn't get stripped of natural oils and healthy bacteria that accounts for a beautifully radiant complexion. Rosehip, perilla, castor and olive gently lift dirt and makeup, leaving skin baby bum soft!

Follow oil cleansing with the ultimate skin elixir that firms, nourishes , cleans and hydrates; the Hydra Mist. With edelweiss, apple, aloe, willow bark and rose hydrosol, skin is instantly brighter, moisturized and more plump.

The finishing touch is a few drops of the light and luxurious Golden Nectar. Sacred oils of pomegranate seed, green coffee bean, MCT, saffron, rose, sandalwood and turmeric soften and illuminate your skin.

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