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functional medicine consultation
functional medicine consultation
functional medicine consultation

Freda & Wolf

Functional Medicine Consultation (2 Hr)


Meet the first medical practice designed to solve your most pressing health problems. This whole-body approach and personalized plans can heal your body from the inside out, offering you the opportunity to live your healthiest life.

Superior medical care is personalized care. We use in depth consults, extensive analysis and cutting edge advanced testing to help you achieve your best possible health.

The advanced diagnostic testing we offer will help to understand exactly what your body is trying to tell you, thus we know how to help it heal.

In a changing world of healthcare, Functional Medicine offers TRUE healing through determining root causes and not just relying on band-aid protocols like pharma drugs that often lead to more symptoms.

Our first consultation takes 2 hours of personalized attention over video call. We are here to accommodate your needs and listen attentively while creating a custom tailored and manageable healthcare plan for you.

Conditions treated:

* Gastrointestinal Issues - SIBO, colitis, chronic digestive problems, constipation, diarrhea, parasites, ulcers, candida, bloating and more

* Endocrine Imbalances - hormonal changes, thyroid dysfunction, hair loss

* Women's health - infertility, PMS, painful  or irregular menstraul cycles

* Fatigue

* Headaches & Migraines

* Weak immune system

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