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ETR (Energy Transfer Reset) + Intuitive Reading


The ETR session is done remotely, over the phone. Hilde listens to your concerns and answers questions about the energy work. During the session she intuitively guides you through visualizations and meditations, before offering the energy reset. The work is deeply healing and may aid in a far greater feeling of peace and harmony. Ideal for anyone openhearted and ready to shift old patterns and call in the new energies that better serve. She also will answer a few specific questions and provide intuitive guidance and spiritual support.

Please email Hilde directly to book a 60 minute ETR session.



ETR is a new healing modality that is helping people heal from a wide range of ailments ranging from illnesses, discomforts, physical and emotional ailments. There are no potentially harmful side effects and can only offer benefit to those who receive it. The results are profound and the session can be life altering and life enhancing. The primary aim of the ETR session, is to clear the recipient of low frequencies that lead to negative thought patterns, dis-ease and serve as obstacles for personal evolution.


"I've struggled with CFS for 4 years and have had major insomcnia (up until 5 am every night.) After receiving ETR, I've been sleeping normal hours consistently for 3 weeks! It's the only thing I've introduced so I know for sure it's thanks to the ETR."

- Paul, MA. USA

"Since receiving the ETR my desire to eat unhealthy food and drink more than moderate amounts of alcohol have completely shifted. I now am eating mostly vegetarian with a little fish and drinking moderately. BEing healthy has never been easier! I'm thrilled!"

- Christine, MD. USA

"My pains are significantly reduced since my first ETR session and I haven't changed anything else in my life. My aging body feels lighter and I also notice I'm less bothered by little things that used to agitate me.I'm following through with the meditation daily and overall feel much happier."

-Ed, CA. USA

  • The energy transfer reset is a healing modality that restores the soul back to the pure state that existed immediately after it was created by Source.
  • The reset is a powerful tool to remove all low frequencies, blockages, and karma from all who experience it.
  • The reset allows the body to heal on quantum levels from all types of illness, disease, abuse, trauma, and negativity.
  • The reset restores the purity and innocence that once existed.
  • The reset works in conjunction with other healing modalities such as reiki but is the most powerful tool for frequency removal as reiki does not clear all timelines across all past/parallel lives and the Akashic Records.


  • The reset must be facilitated by a person in higher dimensions such as a star seed. A star seed is someone who has experienced a higher dimension in a parallel life on another planet.
  • Star seeds exist on a higher plane and have the capacity to withstand the transfer of the dark energies. Star seeds will know the level of activation that is needed to facilitate the transfer.
  • A level of activation refers to the exact work that must be done to remove the frequencies. The star seed knows this intuitively and is not consciously aware of it during the process.
  • The star seed is needed to facilitate the reset in conjunction with a team of light beings that are skilled at healing and energy manipulation.





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