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Discovery Kit - eco skincare samples


Discover the game changing results of holistic, healing, plant-medicinal skincare! The perfect way to experience Freda & Wolf skincare products is through the Discovery Kit. Depending on climate and skin type, this kit offers 2-4 weeks worth of products.


Included in the Trial Kit is:

  • 3 ml of Rejuvenating Face Oil
  • 10 ml of the Exfoliating Mud
  • 3 ml of Radiant Glow Serum
  • 40 ml Body Oil


Each product is hand poured, mindfully made with love and is even charged with Rife, PEMF frequencies, crystals, mantras and dolphin sounds! The Face oil is paired with the heart chakra and offers a daily affirmation to help open the heart. The Serum is paired with the throat chakra and offers an affirmation to facilitate mindful speech and patient listening. The Mud is paired with the third eye chakra and offers an affirmation to inspire heightened intuition.

The products are designed to be used together. Use the serum in the morning and the face oil at night. For dry skin we recommend using a few drops of the face oil first and then layering with a few drops of the serum. The benefits of laying both is optimal ALL DAY hydration, a long lasting dewy glow and the softest, silkiest, smoothest skin ever!

The mud can be applied every 3 days for gentle exfoliation. Add 1/2 part water to 1/2 a teaspoon of powder, mix in palm forming a mousse and apply to face like a mask. Leave on for 3 minutes and rinse. Can also be used to spot treat.

 The Body Oil is divine luxury in a bottle! It smells like neroli, orange, sandalwood and lavender in the most deliciously scented and silky blend.

All ingredients are non toxic, vegan, plant based, GMO free, organic and therapeutic grade and we wouldn't ever consider testing on animals!

Shipping within the USA is on us.


     * organic         < ECOCERT          ^ plant-based            ** therapeutic grade

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